Research Team Leadership

Steve Bradbury
Pesticide toxicology, risk assessment, environmental policy
USDA Collaborator
Insect ecology and genetics
Co-founder of the Iowa Monarch Conservation Consortium

ISU Monarch Research Team

Photograph of Royce Bitzer
Affiliate, Biological Researcher, USDA-ARS Corn Insects and Crop Genetics Research Unit
Insect ecology
Population Ecology, Survey and Sampling Techniques
Kelsey E. Fisher
Graduate Assistant-Research
Movement Ecology, Entomology, Plant-Insect Interactions
Tyler Grant
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Quantitative Ecology, Ecological Modeling, Bayesian State-Space Modeling
Weed Science
Photograph of Mark S. Honeyman
alternative livestock systems, swine management, research farms
Photograph of Laura C. Jesse
Extension Program Specialist IV
Extension & Outreach
Monarch butterfly stages
Graduate Assistant-Research
Environmental Toxicology
General entomology, Insect life cycles
Photograph of Daren S. Mueller
Assistant Professor
plant pathology
photo of Alex Mullins
Graduate Assistant-Research
Wildlife, Monarch Butterflies, Natural Resource and Ecology Management
Associate Professor
Adjunct Assistant Professor
pollination biology, ecological effects of GMOs
Jacque Pohl Project Coordinator
Program Coordinator
Communications, coordination, Biology
Lisa Schulte Moore
Associate Professor
Human-Landscape Interactions, Agroecology, Sustainability
photo of Dana Schweitzer
Program Coordinator
public-private partnerships, Interdisciplinary teams, Sustainability
photo of Nancy Shryock
Graduate Assistant-Research
Systems Analyst III, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Citizen Science, Information Technology
Plant Ecology

Extension and Outreach

Photo Lynne Campbell, STEM Professional Development Specialist
Program Coordinator, Adjunct Instructor School of Education
STEM education, Pollinator Conservation Education, Science Writing Heuristic

Project Alumni

Victoria Pocius
Postdoctoral Researcher, Pennsylvania State University
Conservation Biology
Yang Zhang
Visiting Assistant Professor
Environmental Toxicology, Pesticide Analysis