• Seth Appelgate - Iowa State University field day
  • photo of ISU researcher at milkweed demonstration plot in central Iowa
  • Planting 2016 monarch habitat in Iowa

Recent News

September 17, 2018

Alec Euken is an undergraduate research assistant with the ISU monarch butterfly research team. Euken, a native of Clear Lake, Iowa, is an avid photographer and a leader in the ISU Conservation Club. He has worked with the monarch team in the field and in the lab since 2016!

September 5, 2018

As you spend time outdoors in the warmer months, you may have noticed fewer monarch butterflies over the years. Geographically, Iowa is in the center of the monarch’s summer breeding range. For monarchs to survive and thrive, it’s essential for Iowans to help establish milkweed habitats.

August 24, 2018

Join us at the 2018 Farm Progress Show and bring your questions about monarch and pollinator habitat! Ongoing research at Iowa State University, conducted as part of the Iowa Monarch Conservation Consortium, is intended to provide information to help agricultural producers make decisions about this critical issue and to encourage all Iowans to learn about monarch butterfly conservation efforts statewide.

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Monarch Conservation

Iowa's role is vital to the monarch butterfly’s recovery! The Iowa Monarch Conservation Strategy is now available to guide efforts. Read a summary of the strategy, and here are five actions you can take. Read the Iowa Monarch Conservation Consortium's Strategic Goals.

Monarch Sightings

Monarch Butterfly Migration Map Click on the map on the right to see the progress of monarchs migrating north from Mexico.

Learning About Iowa Monarchs

We want our recommendations for monarch habitat improvement to be scientifically sound. Research projects in summer 2017 include:

  • efforts to evaluate nine species of milkweed on plots at Iowa State University research farms
  • a project to discover optimal monarch breeding, forage and roosting habitat characteristics in Iowa's patchy landscape and
  • a survey of milkweed species and monarch occurrence, plant density, and population to establish baseline data.