About the Iowa Monarch Conservation Consortium

Iowa Monarch Conservation Consortium Strategic Goals and Operating Principles

Approved April 1, 2015

Strategic Goals

The Iowa Monarch Conservation Consortium is a community-led organization whose mission is to enhance monarch butterfly reproduction and survival in Iowa through collaborative and coordinated efforts of farmers, private citizens and their organizations.

The Iowa Monarch Conservation Consortium is composed of state-based organizations that agree on a common goal to enhance the monarch butterfly's reproduction across the state by supporting the propagation of breeding habitat through research, education and direct action.

The Consortium’s research effort will establish a sound scientific foundation for Iowa’s monarch butterfly conservation. The consortium’s extension and outreach program will draw upon all the member organizations to ensure the broad delivery of practical, science-based information on monarch butterfly conservation practices for Iowa’s landscapes. 

Habitat improvements in rural landscapes will target underutilized areas that do not conflict with agricultural production, are sufficient in scale to support improved monarch breeding success, and strive to complement other conservation programs.

Operating Principles

As a functioning body, members agree to address issues regarding membership and operations by a simple majority vote of the assembled members at a meeting, during a teleconference or through email responses.

The Consortium as a whole and/or individual members of the Consortium can seek resources for monarch conservation projects.  Since the Consortium holds no funds or property in common, it agrees to coordinate resources, information and support in a spirit of cooperation based on its common goal.

The Consortium will focus solely on practical action for monarch butterfly conservation.  Organizational members maintain their respective positions on matters of policy.

The Consortium may establish collaborative partnerships with other Midwestern states and organizations to enhance reproductive success throughout the monarch’s summer breeding range.

Iowa State University's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences will serve as the primary research organization within the Consortium.  The University will also facilitate meetings of the Iowa Monarch Conservation Consortium and maintain public communication to note relevant research, extension and implementation efforts of the Consortium.

Organizations interested in becoming members or partners of the Consortium should contact Iowa State University or be referred to Iowa State University by Consortium members.  Consortium members will decide on requests for member or partner status, consistent with Consortium’s Operating Principles.


Members of the Iowa Monarch Conservation Consortium have a presence in Iowa (e.g., members’ business activities, conservation programs, research, outreach etc.) and a commitment to meet the strategic goals of the Consortium.

Partners of the Iowa Monarch Conservation Consortium have a presence regionally or nationally in monarch conservation, and/or in related habitat conservation efforts, and a commitment to meet the strategic goals of the Consortium.

Voluntary gifts and general research support are welcomed from Members and Partners. While partners do not participate in Consortium decision-making, they will be invited to periodic meetings of the consortium to share information on topics of mutual interest. Consistent with the Consortium’s Operating Principles, the Consortium may decide to establish collaborative relationships with specific partners.

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