RECAP: Monarch Conservation Symposium at ESA NCB 2018

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00:06 the most sobering thing is the

00:09 all-hands-on-deck study that shows that

00:13 it's really going to be impossible to

00:15 conserve monarchs without effectively

00:17 engaging agriculture agriculture in the

00:19 Midwest controls segment so much of the

00:21 land area that even if all of the

00:25 sectors contribute agriculture still has

00:27 to be engaged in a meaningful way so

00:29 that's that's gonna be I think a

00:31 challenge moving forward that's probably

00:32 the most important thing that is away

00:34 from today's great symposium I enjoyed

00:37 seeing the difference in scale from nog

00:40 Weinstock national scale and the needs

00:42 and to urban landscapes and small scale

00:45 what we need to do at small scales yeah

00:47 enough milkweed on the on the landscape

00:50 we need the involvement of the

00:51 agricultural community to make sure that

00:54 we can reach that conservation goal so

00:56 it was really exciting to hear that

00:58 takeaway at the end I think that was

01:00 something that was very evident from

01:02 this session was that it's gonna take a

01:04 lot of effort from a lot of people over

01:06 a long period of time to make up for the

01:08 mistakes that we've made and I just hope

01:12 that we can societally identify that

01:15 this is an important thing and that we

01:17 want to do something to make up for what

01:20 we've done it was very exciting you have

01:22 all the people in one place and the

01:24 engagement of the audience and the

01:26 having the lunch where people could

01:27 talked with each other so that's not

01:30 really surprising that bringing all of

01:32 these people together would lead to so

01:35 much collaboration but I really think

01:36 that a lot of collaboration has been a

01:38 result some of this




Researchers from Iowa State University and Michigan State University collaborated to co-host a Monarch Butterfly Conservation symposium at the 2018 North Central Branch meeting of the Entomological Society of America.