Tallgrass Prairie Center Field Day

Thursday, June 22, 2017 - 9:00am to 12:00pm
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This field event will look at research plots planted in 2015 that compare three commonly used native seed mixes in Iowa and the effects of first year establishment mowing on the planting. Learn how to plant native prairie in available rural landscapes with emphasis on the planting of in-field prairie strips and a saturated buffer. You will learn site preparation and planting techniques, the benefits of first year establishment mowing, how to determine the proper seed mix for your site, how to evaluate the success of your native vegetation planting.

All are welcome: public, conservation planners, technical service providers, landowners, land managers and anyone interested in learning more about the role native prairie vegetation can play on farms for water quality improvement, monarch recovery efforts and increasing habitat for wildlife and pollinators.

Cost: free

Registration is not required but is preferred for meal planning purposes because a complimentary lunch is provided. For questions or to register please contact Ashley Kittle: ashley.kittle@uni.edu or 319-273-3828.

Sponsored by the Prairie on Farms Program at the Tallgrass Prairie Center

For more information, visit the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture calendar.