Iowa Renewable Fuels Association launches monarch fueling stations

December 26, 2017

Photo of Iowa Renewable Fuels Association monarch fueling station at Nevada, IowaThe Iowa Renewable Fuels Association (IRFA) launched the new Monarch Fueling Station Project, which encourages biofuel producers in Iowa to add monarch butterfly habitat near production facilities.

“Iowa’s ethanol and biodiesel plants are scattered across Iowa and also tend to have a lot of green space on their properties – making them excellent partners for this effort,” said IRFA Executive Director Monte Shaw.

The IRFA is one of the newest members of the Iowa Monarch Conservation Consortium and is moving forward quickly with efforts that support monarch butterfly conservation. Kevin Reynolds has been appointed Habitat Establishment Coordinator. He is working with Lincolnway Energy in Nevada to create the first Monarch Fueling Station project site.

With over 30 years of experience in environmental conservation, Reynolds is excited to put his knowledge to use as he helps biofuel producers convert grass to milkweed and wildflower habitat.

Learn more about the Monarch Fueling Station Project on the IRFA website.