APPLY NOW: Monarch student research technicians

February 12, 2019

photo of monarch butterfly on a common milkweed

Join the ISU monarch team as a research assistant! Openings for monarch and milkweed field and lab technicians are available starting Summer 2019. APPLICATIONS ARE DUE FEB 28. All levels of experience are encouraged to apply and applications will be reviewed until all roles are filled.


Looking to gain field or laboratory research experience? In this role, you will assist members of the Iowa State University monarch research team with care of milkweed species and nectar plants, assisting with laboratory trials and rearing monarch larvae to adulthood. Other duties: daily greenhouse work, data collection, data entry, and field duties as assigned. Outreach opportunities may include public events such as workshops or field days.

Must guarantee availability May 13 - Aug 16, no exceptions. Full-time positions available Summer 2019 (30-40 hours/week). Compensation is $10/hr or according to experience.


You must be organized and willing to work flexible hours, including some weekends.

You must have a valid U.S. Driver's License.

Preference will be given to:
- applicants with May 13 - Aug 16 availability, including some weekends
- coursework in entomology, biology, horticulture, plant pathology, agronomy or related fields

Demonstrated experience in any one of these areas is helpful but not required:
- previous field or lab experience
- knowledge of butterfly, bee and/or native plant taxonomy
- ability to strictly follow research protocols
- experience with greenhouse maintenance or management

To apply, email PDF resume, cover letter + class schedule to Jacque Pohl, coordinator,