Meet the research team


photo of ISU monarch research team 2016 
The interdisciplinary monarch research team at Iowa State University brings together researchers and students to advance our understanding of the monarch butterfly and its habitat needs.

First row (L-R): Dana Schweitzer, Keith Bidne, Hailey X., Sue Blodgett, Teresa Blader, Brooke Hoey, Tori Pocius, Kelsey Fisher, Niranjana Krishnan, Sydney Lizotte-Hall, Cory Haggard. 

Second row (L-R): Alec Euken, Nick Oppedahl, Seth Appelgate, Bob Hartzler, Rick Hellmich, John Pleasants, Steven Bradbury, Royce Bitzer, Diane Debinski, Nancy Shryock, Jacque Pohl, Tyler Grant.