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September 15, 2016

photo of monarch butterflyAs the days grow shorter and fall approaches, newly emerged monarch butterflies become restless. Learn more about the monarch "super generation" and its great migration - including a roosting spot in Cerro Gordo County - from the Iowa DNR.

September 9, 2016

photo of monarch butterfly on goldenrodLaura and Bill Foell recently spotted this monarch butterfly in the pollinator plot on their farm near Schaller, Iowa. Flowering plants that bloom into the fall, such as the goldenrod shown here, provide nectar for butterflies and bees.

August 3, 2016

Depleted monarch butterflies and honeybees could get a boost from Iowa farmers over the next few years...

July 26, 2016

photo of milkweed researchersAMES, Iowa  — Nearly half of Iowa farmers say in a recent Iowa Farm and Rural Life Poll that they are willing to plant monarch breeding habitat but are unsure how much land or money they would invest in the effort. Good monarch breeding habitat includes...

July 22, 2016

screen shot of Bob Hartzler interviewMilkweed is crucial to the survival of the monarch butterfly, but since the Midwest was settled and turned to agriculture, a lot of the habitat has gone. The Iowa Monarch Conservation Consortium, organized by Iowa State University, involves agricultural organizations looking for ways to work with farmers to convert land to monarch habitat without disrupting production...

Monarch Research

Read the Iowa Monarch Conservation Consortium's Strategic Goals.

Monarch SightingsMonarch Butterfly Migration Map

Click on the map right to see the progress of monarchs migrating north from Mexico.

Learning About Iowa Monarchs

We want our recommendations for monarch habitat improvement to be scientifically sound. Research projects in summer 2016 include:

- efforts to evaluate nine species of milkweed on plots at Iowa State University research farms
- a project to discover optimal monarch breeding, forage and roosting habitat characteristics in Iowa's patchy landscape and
- a survey of milkweed species and monarch occurrence, plant density, and population to establish baseline data.

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